Enjoy all the fantastic benefits of green living.


It is amazing how many changes we can make in the next twenty-four hours to do our bit towards our planet and its people.

It’s even more amazing when we realise how little effort it will really take.

Once you decide to go green, you discover that little things around you can quickly and easily change for the better. Switching to CFL bulbs – now that’s simple enough.Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth – that’s pretty effortless too. Resisting the urge to jump into the car and drive when you can actually walk or cycle – well, that isn’t too easy but then it isn’t too hard either. Not taking unnecessary print outs – all it requires is stopping yourself in time. Shutting off all devices at the wall without leaving them on standby – surely that’s no problem at all. Freecycling or giving away things instead of throwing them away – now how painless and rewarding is that?

It is all a matter of thinking green before you act. Just stop and wait for the little green signal in your head to give you the go-ahead before you do anything!


Here are 5 easy steps for us to enjoy green living …

1. Switch from our daily personal care range to a pure and natural one

2. Shift to wholly organic foods and beverages

3. Opt for chemical-free home care products and cleaning agents

4. Choose to buy curios and gifts that are only made from recycled materials

5. Start today